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What Are Ray-Ban Smart Glasses?

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Your eyes are incredible, and what you see is truly unique. But imagine being able to show off the sights you see. A beautiful sunset, a waterfall, a stylish art piece you’re admiring—all exactly how you see it, all through a pair of eyeglasses. What an idea!

Introducing the Ray-Ban Stories. A pair of smart glasses that lets you record audio, video, and pictures—all with a simple voice command. Gone are the days of pulling out your camera and snapping a shot—you can show exactly what you’re seeing, how you’re seeing it, instantaneously.

What Are Smart Glasses?

The first step to understanding this revolutionary technology is to understand exactly what smart glasses are. Think back to when smartphones became popular. You didn’t need a landline, a flip phone, buttons—none of it. Instead, you could have a single device capable of handling everything. Phone calls, texts, photos, games—all in one single device.

The smartphone was an incredibly innovative approach to combining access to all of these features in a single device. And that’s exactly what smart glasses are doing. Now, with a pair of smart glasses, you can make calls, listen to music, take photos, and record videos—all through a pair of glasses.

And now, we’re seeing evolution happen in the tech world as these smart glasses get better and better. Ray-Ban and EssilorLuxottica have worked together to create something truly amazing.

Introducing: the Ray-Ban Stories.

Photos & Videos in 1st-Person View

The Ray-Ban Stories take this concept to the next level. With these glasses, you can take a photo or record a video of exactly what you’re looking at. Whether it’s a breathtaking view or a memorable moment, you can capture it all with ease. You can show the world what you’re seeing, precisely how you’re seeing it.

And now, with a simple voice command, you can record up to 60 seconds of video! The powerful 12MB camera ensures that you never miss a single detail. You can even live stream to Instagram and Facebook with a single spoken word!

Voice-Command Calling

But it isn’t just the ability to capture moments in time. The Ray-Ban Stories let you stay connected with the world around you and keep in touch with those that matter most.

With a single voice command, you can call your loved ones without reaching for your phone. A triple microphone input with built-in noise suppression helps keep your voice loud and clear, and the open-ear speaker design lets you hear the other end with clarity.

You don’t need an earpiece, an external microphone, some fancy headset, or the cumbersome motions of holding your phone through a long conversation. Instead, a simple pair of glasses does it all. But these glasses? They’re anything but simple—they’re stellar.

Two images of women side-by-side and they're both wearing the Ray-Ban Stories glasses while outside

Seamlessly Blend Music with Your Environment

You can record videos. Take photos. Call your loved ones.

And you can listen to your favourite music—all while staying perfectly aware of what’s around you. The Ray-Ban Stories feature built-in noise suppression along with their speakers to deliver a unique audio experience.

Feel the bass and hear the highs as you go throughout your day. No bulky headphones, wires, or cables exist to tangle up the moment—instead, you simply say “play” and let the Ray-Ban Stories do the rest.

Telling Your Own Story with the Ray-Ban Stories

Now comes the real question: how do they look? With everything they do, they have to be extreme, right?

The Ray-Ban Stories come in over 100 colour combinations, allowing you to choose the exact style that represents who you are and what you stand for. Whether you want to be flashy, fashionable, or minimalistic, there’s a pair of Stories that will suit you perfectly. Let the Stories tell your story!

Stay in the Know

The Ray-Ban stories are more than just a fashion statement. They’re a marvel of modern technology. With their design and innovative features, these glasses offer a whole new way to experience the world. Stay connected. Capture memories. And express yourself like never before.

So what are you waiting for? And don’t forget—you can always keep up with our blog here at Orchard Park Optometry to learn more about the marvels of optometric technology. And don’t worry—we’re here to take care of your eyes as well, so book an appointment with us to meet our incredible team!

Dr. Mat Broshak

Written by Dr. Mat Broschak

Dr. Mat Broschak is the proud owner of Orchard Park Optometry, which is now into its 14th year of service to our loyal patients! He graduated from the University of Calgary in 2001 with his Bachelor of Science and completed his Doctor of Optometry training at the Illinois College of Optometry, graduating in 2005.

His main focus is primary eye care for all age groups with a special interest in dry eye management and contact lenses, and he enjoys the education aspect of teaching patients all about vision care.

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