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Protecting Your Child’s Precious Sight

It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s eye health. Kids do most of their learning with their eyes. In fact, 80% of what children learn happens through their vision. 

Speech and language development, social skills, athletics, and of course, academic performance, all rely on good visual skills. 

Bringing your child for a comprehensive eye exam can help to set them up for success. Book their appointment with Orchard Park Optometry today.

How Often Should My Child Have an Eye Exam?

The British Columbia Association of Optometrists recommends that children have their first eye exam around 6 months, again before starting kindergarten, and then annually until they turn 19. Of course, if they have any vision issues to monitor, we may recommend exams more frequently.

Getting an early start on their vision health is important. Establishing a baseline for their vision and eye health is vital to ensuring the achievement of developmental milestones.

Proper vision is essential for children’s success in school and beyond. Book their eye exam today!

Signs of Vision Concerns in Children

Comprehensive eye exams are necessary because children can’t always articulate that there’s something wrong with their vision. They might not even know there is an issue. You should be on the lookout for visual issues in your child.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, it’s time for an eye exam:

  • Headaches or irritability
  • Covering the eyes
  • Rubbing the eyes
  • Head tilting
  • Difficulty reading
  • Sitting close to the TV
  • Holding books or near work close to the face
  • Short attention span
  • Poor performance at school

More Than Simple Screenings

Children may have vision screenings at school, but these simple tests are no substitute for an eye exam. Vision screenings test for visual acuity, but they do not assess eye health. They are also not an effective tool for diagnosing vision conditions.

A comprehensive eye exam with a qualified optometrist is needed to ensure overall ocular health, and to provide patient follow-up and education. At Orchard Park Optometry, we have the technology, tools, and training to help your child see their very best.

We perform a wide variety of tests beyond just determining how well they can see what’s in front of them. We assess how well the eyes move together as a team, the health of the eye’s internal structures, colour vision, and more. 

Book their appointment for a more thorough assessment today!

Managing Myopia in Children

During a comprehensive eye exam, we will assess your child’s vision. Your child may be diagnosed with myopia, also known as nearsightedness. Myopia is a growing health concern that can increase the risk of serious eye issues later on in life. 

Learn more about this condition by visiting our Myopia Control page.

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