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Discounted eye exams and sport-specific vision testing.

Optimal health is essential for the systematic long-term training required for elite athletes. SporthHealth(TM) is a comprehensive medical management program directed towards early recognition and treatment of injury and illness, as well as the identification of health and safety risks during the training and competitive cycles. As a building block of the program, PacificSport Okanagan focuses on bringing together a large number of medical care providers in the Okanagan to service the area’s thousands of members.

Orchard Park Optometry is proud to be affiliated with PacificSport Okanagan, bringing comprehensive eyecare services to the network for the first time. In addition to comprehensive vision and eye health exams, Orchard Park Optometry provides in-depth sport-specific vision testing. We are then able to prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses optimized to help elevate visual performance for the athlete. These exams normally cost $130, but are discounted for adult members for $99. Exams for kids under age 19 are fully covered by MSP.

It’s important to know that good vision isn’t only about seeing clearly, it’s also about how our eyes work together as a team – a term we call binocular vision. Having poor binocular vision can affect an athlete’s hand-eye coordination, depth perception, reaction time, ability to track moving objects, and ability to adjust focus quickly to objects at different distances. Thankfully, there are eye exercises and training strategies that can improve visual and overall performance. Even for an athlete with average skills, eye training exercises can elevate performance to a more elite level.

Are your a member of PacificSport Okanagan?

If you are a member of PacificSport Okanagan, or if you are an athlete looking to elevate your game, come see us at Orchard Park Optometry for a visual performance and ocular health evaluation today.

Frequently asked questions on Diabetic Eye Exams

If I have diabetes do I need a referral to an ophthalmologist?

In general, most patients with diabetes can have their annual dilated eye exam performed by an optometrist. If a problem with the retina occurs, such as proliferative diabetic retinopathy or diabetic macular edema, then your optometrist can make a timely referral to an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) for laser or injection therapy if needed.

What can I do to prepare for my diabetic eye exam?

First, expect that you will be having your eyes dilated with drops. Most people can still drive while wearing prescription eyeglasses, but you may want to bring a driver and a pair of sunglasses (if you don’t have sunglasses they will be provided). Second, bring your BC Services Card as a portion of your exam fees will be covered. Third, please bring a list of ALL your current medications and supplements that you take.

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