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Dry eye syndrome relief in KelownaDo your eyes often feel dry and uncomfortable? Do you find yourself blinking excessively to make your vision clear? We live in a hot, dry climate here in the Okanagan, and our eyes will often feel the strain. Here at Orchard Park Optometry, our doctors rely on a time-tested, step-wise approach to treating Dry Eye Syndrome. The key to treatment is finding the cause, which can sometimes be multi-factoral due to the complexity of the ocular surface and the many different environments we are in throughout the day. Some patients may find relief from the regular use of quality, preservative-free artificial tears while others may require additional treatment approaches to tackle the problem.

Left untreated, Dry Eye Syndrome can get progressively worse and becomes harder to treat, which can significantly decrease a person’s quality of life. If you think you may have Dry Eye Syndrome, come see us at Orchard Park Optometry for an evaluation.

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Frequently asked questions on Dry Eyes

Is Visine harmful to my eyes?

The short answer is no. Original Visine contains a medication to help temporarily constrict the blood vessels on the front of the eyes. If used chronically, you will need to use more and more of the drop to keep the vessels constricted and without using it, you eyes may look more red than before you started, but this would fade with time.

Occasional use is fine, but chronic use is discouraged. There are far more effective options to help bring down the redness of your eyes in a more natural way.

My eyes feel dry and scratchy all the time and the drops my family doctor and the pharmacist recommended aren’t helping. What should I do?

Because many of the symptoms of dry eye are caused from varying degrees of inflammation, even advanced artificial tears are sometimes not enough to decrease those levels of inflammation. If your eyes dry out at night, something as simple as a humidifier in your bedroom may be the solution. Natural treatment such as the use of omega-3 supplements can help improve the part of your tear production that can decrease inflammation. Prescription eye drops such as Restasis are also available to decrease the inflammation in more severe cases and thereby reduce the uncomfortable symptoms.

My eyes water quite often and someone told me it’s because my eyes are dry. How is this possible?

Since your tears are like a layer cake with different components, if one component is not being produced correctly, the whole system will be thrown off and your ocular surface will be left exposed to the environment. When this occurs, the nerve endings will become hypersensitive and send a signal to a large gland to make tears quickly to try and protect the eye. Unfortunately, these tears evaporate or run down a person’s face and the ocular surface continues to be exposed and the cycle continues.

Re-establishing a proper balance to the tear layer regains the protective properties to the tissue and the nerves that cause the excessive watering stop over-reacting.

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