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Disposable, toric, multifocal & speciality lenses

Contact Lenses and Services

Contact lenses in KelownaOrchard Park Optometry strives to lead Central Okanagan in contact lens quality, selection and value. Our doctors have a real passion for delivering outstanding contact lens services to our patients. These services include complimentary:

  • Vision re-checks within one year (with contact lens purchase)
  • Returns and replacement of unopened or ripped contact lenses
  • Contact lens case and solution

The latest lens materials and solutions have made contact lens wear more convenient, flexible and comfortable than ever before. Even if you have had difficulty wearing contact lenses in the past, today’s lenses can provide you with greater comfort and vision. From toric lenses for patients with astigmatism to multifocal lenses for patients who require bifocals, we will find the perfect contact lens fit for you.


Introducing Acuvue® Oasys with Transitions™

now available at orchard park optometry

These new lenses combine a proven ACUVUE® OASYS material with Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™ for a lens that adapts to changing light. We now offer these new contact lenses at Orchard Park Optometry. Stop on by, we’d love to have you try them out.

Need More Contacts?

You have a number of options to reorder your contact lenses. Either pick up in our office—we stock thousands of lenses, order over the phone or they can be sent directly to your home or work often at no charge and within a few business days. You can also order from our online store.

Contact lens options


Daily Disposable Lenses


The ultimate in convenience: wear lenses once and throw them away, then put in a fresh pair the next day. Dailies are great for travellers—no need to bring solution—or occasional contact lens wearers!


Toric Lenses

ACUVUE 1-day for Astigmatism

With recent advances in comfort and expanded lens powers, more patients are able to wear soft contact lenses for their astigmatism. This includes convenient and comfortable daily disposables!


Coloured Lenses


If you are looking for a fresh, new look we offer a variety of comfortable and safe coloured lenses. A number of our different types of contact lenses are available in coloured options – just ask for details!


Multifocal Lenses

Proclear 1-day Multifocal

Designed for presbyopic patients over the age of 40 that are now having trouble reading, multifocal lenses provide both distance and reading power, thus reducing the need to rely on reading glasses. Don’t give up on contact lenses after age 40—just switch to multifocals!


Lenses for Dry Eyes

Bausch and Lomb ULTRA

Come see us if you suffer from dry eyes during contact lens wear! We proudly offer the only contact lenses on the market that are FDA-approved for helping contact wearers with dryness issues to wear their lenses longer and more comfortably.



Duette Advanced Hybrid Lenses

Duette SynergEyes Hybrid contact lenses combine the visual benefits of a corneal RGP with the comfort of a soft contact lens. We can treat patients with astigmatism who also require multi-focal optics to see clear at distance and close up.



Rigid gas permeable lenses are a custom-made lens that can provide superior optics over soft contact lenses for people with astigmatism, those who have very high prescriptions, or people requiring multi-focal optics.



Scleral lenses are a larger-diameter custom lens that is useful for patients with eye diseases such as Keratoconus, Post-LASIK Ectasia, post-corneal transplant, severe dry eyes, and more.



Orthokeratology lenses are used to reshape the cornea while you sleep, similar to wearing a dental retainer, thus providing clear vision free from glasses or contact lenses during the day.

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Keeping Your Lenses Up-to-date

Our office strongly recommends that contact lens wearers have a full eye exam at least every two years. We recommend this to ensure that your prescription is up-to-date, your contact lenses are not causing any adverse effects to your eye health, and your eyes are healthy overall. If it has been more than two years since your last exam, give us a call to book an appointment!

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