6 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Kelowna Optometrists offer sun protection tips for your eyes

6 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

We wear t-shirts, hats and sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun, but what about our eyes? Now that the Okanagan heat we all know and love is here, our Kelowna optometry team has compiled a list of tips to help you protect your eyes from an intense sun and its UV rays.

1. Pick the right sunglasses

True protection. Before you buy a pair of sunglasses, read the label. Does it say they block 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays? You want both of these (UVA and UVB) blocked 99 to 100 per cent.

Make sure they fit. Sunglasses that wrap around your eyes can help block stray UV light. It can also keep out sand and allergens, which can also be harmful to your eyes.

Dark doesn’t necessarily mean better. Just because a lens is almost black doesn’t mean it is blocking UV light. Make sure the label indicates a UV block.

Wearing dark sunglasses can actually be more harmful if it doesn’t have the proper UV blocking. That’s because our pupils control how much light gets into the eye, so if you’re wearing dark sunglasses, the pupil opens up to let in more light, which could allow those pesky UV rays in as well.

Put ‘sunnies’ on the kids too. If you’re wearing sunglasses it’s a good idea to be putting them on the kids too. Protecting their eyes from sun damage at an early age helps improve their eye health and it’s a great habit to get into now.

2. Wear UV-blocking contact lenses

These days, contact lenses are also able to offer protection from the sun. Some contact lenses actually have UV-blocking filters embedded into the lens to help protect your eyes from the transmission of the sun’s harmful rays. Ask your Kelowna optometrist about options that suit your eye care needs.

3. Up-size your hat

Wearing a wide brim hat will not only shade your eyes from the sun, but also protect your face, neck and scalp.

4. Be aware of refracting light

Are you heading to the water? Light reflecting off sand or the water can be intensified, so only wearing a hat will still expose your eyes to the bright light. The right sunglasses and/or contact lenses do double duty to offer an extra layer of protection.

5. Protect your eyes at all hours

While the sun is at its most intense between 10 am and 2pm, UV rays can be present at all times. Even on cloudy days, be sure to protect your eyes.

6. Ask your eye care practitioner

Do you have questions about eye care and protection from the sun? Speak to one of our optometrists how to protect your eyes from the sun.

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