10 Eyestrain Tips From an Optometrist Kelowna Residents Trust

Tips from the optometrist Kelowna trusts for avoiding eyestrain

10 Eyestrain Tips From an Optometrist Kelowna Residents Trust

Whether it’s at work or at home, most of us find ourselves spending a lot of time in front of computers. And in today’s world, optometrists know screen time is almost impossible to avoid, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help minimize screen time eyestrain.

  1. Take frequent breaks. Our optometrist Kelowna residents consistently return to refers to frequent breaks as the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes or so, look at something outside or across the room that’s roughly 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This 20-second break will allow your eyes to focus on something besides a screen and will prevent redness and irritation.
  1. Don’t forget to blink. Staring at a screen for long periods of time can dry out eyes. By constantly reminding yourself to blink, you can help reduce the effects of computer-related eyestrain.
  1. Check your lighting. Make sure the room you’re working in has ample lighting. Shadows created by poor lighting can cause the eye to work harder to focus. This results in fatigued eyes.
  1. Put your ergonomic knowledge to work. You’ve probably heard how important it is to make sure your workstation is set up properly to reduce aches and pains while working. It’s equally important to make sure your monitor is adjusted properly to suit your eyes. Keep your monitor approximately 20 degrees below eye level and about 25 inches away from your face.
  1. See an optometrist Kelowna residents recommend regularly. It’s important to visit an eye doc annually for early detection of any conditions that could affect your eyesight. Sometimes eyestrain symptoms can mask symptoms of underlying conditions.


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  1. Minimize glare and reflections on your screen. If your computer screen has a reflection on it, adjust your lighting accordingly. You could also seek out an anti-glare screen if the problem persists.
  1. Go for a walk. Just like your body, your eyes can get stiff and sore when in the same position for too long. To ease eyestrain and joint discomfort, get up and move for at least five minutes after every hour of sitting in front of a computer. Throw in a couple quick stretches, and you’ll be totally refreshed and ready for the next hour of work.
  1. Don’t forget to breathe. Sometimes in stressful situations or when faced with an impending deadline, the body tenses up and forgets to draw full, complete breaths. If you start to feel tense, sit back and do some relaxation breathing. This will help you relax both your body muscles and your eye muscles.


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