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Prescription glasses online
Is Buying Glasses Online a Good Idea?

Even though many people think buying glasses online is a good idea, it actually isn’t. Glasses are one of the most important items that you should consider purchasing in person. Why? Even though prescription glasses online offer cheaper frames, or BOGO offers, the benefits of buying...

Computer vision syndrome
What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

If you wear glasses and also stare at a computer screen for the majority of your day, you may have experienced different eye strain symptoms. What you may not not is there is something called computer vision syndrome, which causes harm to a person’s eyes...

Laser Eye Surgery: Kelowna Optometrist Answers Common Questions

If you struggle with wearing contacts or prescription glasses, you may be interested in refractive surgery (also known as laser eye surgery). Orchard Park Optometry works closely with local refractive surgeons, to provide you with consultations before, and after surgery. We can advise you if...

Importance of regular eye exams
Why Are Regular Eye Exams Important?

Many people don’t realize it, but routine eye exams are an important component of your overall health care. It’s similar to visiting your dentist for checkups, or your family doctor for a physical. Your eyesight is intrinsic to your quality of life. Without it, you would...

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